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Mariage Maasaï - Part.1

Some may know, last March I went to the Maasai Mara for a great time.

Last January, we spoke with Geff, and I told him that I would like to celebrate my birthday (March 29) in the Mara. Two days later, while we were observing a leopard in a tree, he told me that his best friend Dixon (whom I knew) was getting married on March 29th and that he offered to take the pictures...

Barely 2 months later, on March 27th, here I am on the plane. I'll spare you the episode where I almost turned around because I was sick at the airport and on the plane.

On March 28th, I arrive in the Mara Geff and Nickson (my guide for the next 3 days) are waiting for me, I'm so happy to find them!!! :D We leave by car to join Dixon, his friends and the village of his future wife. I love the atmosphere, the loud Maasai music in the 4x4s, the dusty track, animals from time to time (we are no longer in the reserve). We arrive in the village and I am welcomed like a queen! I am totally impressed to find myself here in a Maasai village, I do not realize what is happening to me. On March 28th, I acclimatize, before the wedding the next day..

In the afternoon, Dixon, Geff and the others boys go to Narok to collect the wedding outfits. I'm alone in the village with Nickson accompanying me, so I take the opportunity to take some photos of the preparations.

Nickson, who shows me a Maasai necklace that the women are preparing for the wedding.

The women were on one side preparing the necklaces and bracelets for the next day, as well as the food and the men on the other side. Here, peeling potatoes.

Inside the "huts", some women prepare chapatis. It looks a lot like Indian naans.

The men had killed a sheep earlier in the day, which they were eating. Certain parts of the mutton are reserved for them. Here, Nickson showing me the sheepskin.

Some men take care of bringing back wood. A big fire was planned for the evening in the village. Unfortunately, the rain is invited..

This charming little dog ... came to get a piece of meat and left with it very quickly :D

I hope you enjoyed this first part, I show you the images of the beautiful wedding quickly. Feel free to share :)

Besides, this adventure really gave me a taste for human portraits. I was able, on top of that, to discover more about the Maasais peoples, the people I love so much.

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